【11月2日 プレスリリース】AIライティングを検知する機能を搭載したiThenticateの最新版2.0を提供開始


The following outlines the terms and conditions for Turnitin, LLC (“Turnitin”) Product Training (“Training”).

Training. With respect to product and Pricing and Payment, training shall be in accordance with any such separate Services Pricing Agreement or purchase order. Turnitin and Institution agree Training is most helpful if conducted early in the Institution’s term of service, and Institution and Turnitin further agree to work in good faith to schedule and complete training within a reasonable period after the start of term of service.

Term and Expiration. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary in any such separate Services Pricing Agreement or purchase order, in-person or live Training must be completed within twelve (12) months of the start of Turnitin/iThenticate service, or the expiration of the Term in which Training was licensed, whichever is earlier (“Training Term Expiry”). If Training is not completed by Training Term Expiry, Turnitin shall make reasonable efforts to furnish to Institution access to training materials in lieu of Training. Turnitin and Institution agree the foregoing shall constitute and fulfill Turnitin’s Training obligation.

Changes or Cancellation. If Institution/Customer must reschedule training, Turnitin shall make reasonable efforts to accommodate such request. There are no refunds In the event of change or cancellation.